Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

Making Government Actually Work

Our government should represent all of us – not just wealthy special interests. We need to ensure government is transparent, by requiring the public disclosure of political spending. We need to update disclosure requirements for online political advertising to apply the same rules as TV, radio, and satellite ads. And companies should have to disclose their political spending to shareholders.

I also support encouraging more participation in our democracy by supporting small dollar matching programs. And most importantly, we need to prevent corporations from having unlimited sway over our elected officials – which is why I support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.

I support legislation that prohibits federal registered lobbyists from contributing to or bundling for federal campaigns, and strengthening the definition of who must register as a lobbyist. I believe that no Member of Congress should receive contributions from industries that are regulated by the committees on which they sit, and I believe that Members of Congress should be banned from becoming lobbyists after leaving office.

I’m also operating under the policies I support: my campaign will not accept any corporate donations or contributions from federal and corporate lobbyists. And I pledge to publicly post my official schedule as a Member of Congress.

And I’m committed to innovating and modernizing the way Members of Congress interact with their constituency and finding ways to bring more people into the policy-making process – through deliberative democracy and participatory processes. We have new technologies and tools that enable us to reach out to people in a different way, and it is well past time we use them.