Partisan gridlock has made Washington completely dysfunctional and it’s our children, and future generations, who will pay the biggest price. We need a new generation of leaders to get us out of this mess.

For Democrat Sara Jacobs, it’s always been about addressing the problems that impact children and the next generation the most. That’s why she worked at UNICEF and in the Obama Administration, and founded an international education non-profit.

And if we’re ever going to address the biggest issues that will shape this country’s future for our children (like climate change and gun violence) or the ones that impact their lives day-to-day (cost of health care and housing and child care), we must move beyond the same partisan political fights.

While other politicians are more interested in fighting with one another, Sara is the type of progressive who is more focused on solutions – working across the aisle, listening, building coalitions, and getting things done.

Updated 1/7/2020

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