Sara Jacobs served in President Obama’s State Department because she believed in his mission to bring bold change to America. She went on to direct an education non-profit that brought Internet access to schools in underprivileged countries. Now, with Donald Trump taking our country in a scary backward direction, Sara is running for Congress because the only way we’ll ever fix this mess and pass some common sense progressive policies, is to change the face of Congress – send new progressive leaders, who will bring a different approach. 

Sara believes that: 

  • Health care is a right and we need a Medicare-for-All type of universal health care system that covers everyone.
  • Women deserve equal pay, a workplace free of sexual harassment, access to birth control and to their reproductive health care rights.  And we need the guys in Washington to stop cutting Planned Parenthood already.
  • We need to get rid of corporate money in our politics by overturning Citizens United. Sara has pledged not to take any corporate PAC money for her campaign.
  • We need to take on the NRA to ban assault rifles and bump stocks

But none of this will happen if keep electing the same types of people to Congress. Time to shake up the old boys club – and change the face of Congress.

Updated May 18, 2018.  Check back frequently for updates ….

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