Updated 7/31/2020

It’s important for all voters to know that Sara Jacobs has dedicated her career to building diverse coalitions -- regardless of political party or background -- and to making progress for those who need it most. Her work is driven by solutions, not politics or partisanship.

That was her focus at UNICEF and the Obama Administration State Department, and it’s what drove her to found San Diego for Every Child, a non-profit coalition to end childhood poverty and support working families here in San Diego County.

San Diego families have been paying the price of Washington’s partisan gridlock. Sara believes we need a new way of doing things -- where we listen to one another, respect one another, and work across the aisle to get things done. Sara will work with anyone -- Democrats, Republicans, and Independents -- to make progress for San Diego families.

In Congress, Sara will work to urgently address the increasingly high cost of living here in San Diego, including health care, housing, and child care.

It's also important for Democrats and liberal voters to know that Sara Jacobs remains committed to prioritizing climate change, gun violence prevention, and access to reproductive care.

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